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100 Things

  1. Visit New York

  2. Go an a horseback riding vacation in Montana

  3. Go to Italy

  4. Learn to make prints

  5. Learn to do book binding

  6. Work on my Paintings

  7. Submit more poetry

  8. Re-read the books in my library

  9. Take a pottery class or two

  10. Take a dance class, even if I do not have a partner

  11. Go to Portland, Oregon

  12. Go to Texas

  13. Own my own horse

  14. Go to Paris

  15. Go to Hay on Wye (so many bookstores)

  16. Go and spend a week or two in London

  17. Get an E-Reader (researching this)

  18. Pare down my life.

  19. Decorate for Christmas this year.

  20. Go on a hiking trip

  21. Go camping at the beach

  22. See a show on Broadway

  23. Plant asparagus in a garden I own and be there long enough to harvest it.

  24. Own a home with a yard

  25. Do more things I enjoy.

  26. Get outside more.

  27. Get a book published.

  28. Pare down my library to only the books I love.

  29. Get all my papers filed.

  30. Buy less books.

  31. Use my camera more.

  32. Enjoy time without a schedule more often.

  33. Live overseas for a while

  34. Do more in my community.

  35. Get out of the house more, doing things with friends.

  36. Hang out downtown more, first Fridays.

  37. Redo my kitchen.

  38. Take cooking classes.

  39. Go to France

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